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tumblr I want to post a gif, why are you being naughty


Anonymous asked: If I see a pic and know of a related fic, do you want the link? There's a story by Fugitive based on the kiss pic posted in Nov 13.

We would absolutely adore this!



Justice Finishing Pose by Thor & Loki (Thor the Dork World)
"I am the great Saiyaman!!!"



This makes me happy and makes me extra happy to confirm that  everyone in my age group worldwide (~28-33) knows Dragon Ball Z

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dean said ‘unusual suits’ and i was like ‘yes ok’

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Thor Week: Ships and Solo nsfw Thor

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Sort of Middle Eastern Thor & Loki? Idek guys I was just looking for an excuse to draw a half-naked Loki

No doubt inspired by joannaestep’s awesome African version of Thor & Loki (x)


The old library was a sprawling complex of stone tiles and stone walls, fitted with tomes gathered from the Realms’ highs and lows. It was usually very silent, aside from the occasional muted sighs of pages being ardently turned, or the occasional booming slander of the avidly unlearned. Thor would be that unlearned, stubbornly uninitiated. When they had been younger Loki had to drag him along, kicking and screaming and spewing vile threats whenever their tutor would send them down there.

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